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About Us

About Us

Company's Profile

YOURCONNECT CO., LTD. is established in January 2003 with aim to provide the highest quality of every our service, Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server), Dedicated Server, Colocation Service, Mailgateway System, Clustering Server, Cloud Server and SSL (Socket Secure Layer), based on the principle that. "Quality comes first".

Nowadays, more than 10,000 customers have trust in our service and more than 50% of customers are Organizations and Companies which the information or business contact is very important, that why the highest and best service quality is the strongest aim of us.

Please click below lists to learn more our service.

1. Shared Hosting
2. Reseller Hosting
3. Register Domain Name
4. Transfer Domain Name
5. VPS
6. Dedicate Server
7. Colocation
8. SSL Certificates
9. Control Panel License
10. Mail Gateway

Our Network we serve you:

Datacenter : I-NET
Bandwidth (International)
500 Mbps International CAT IIG
2 Mbps International - Hutchison HK
Bandwidth (Thailand)
2.0 Gbps NIX domestic (CAT)
2.0 Gbps NIX domestic (TOT)
2.0 Gbps NIX domestic (True)
200 Mbps IIR domestic ( NECTEC)
2 Mbps domestic Pubnet

The reason you should take our service:

We use only the high performance of DELL Server which many people give in trust of this brand. More than the server, we have many features to facilitate our users, such as:

cPanel Control Panel which is the best control panel and very friendly for users to control 'Email Accounts Creation' or 'Database'.

One Click Installation which make your life turn to be easier to install any scripts or platforms you want into your website.

And you don't have to upset about Spamming Mail or Junk Mail because we provide you the best Mailgateway that can filter Spamming mail or Junk mail or suspicious mail up to 99%, users can choose to make Whitelist or Blacklist suspicious mail by themselve.

That's just a few reasons that we provide you for an example. If you want to know more another information, please contact us following below contact details. Or better that, come and try to use our service, we give you money back guarantee within 30 days, so don't worry if you try our services and not happy with it.

Contact Information

Sale Department : sale[at]
Billing Department : billing[at]
Customer Service Department : support[at]
Working Time : 09:00 - 18:00(Mon - Sat)
Tel : 02-642-9838 (auto)
Fax : 02-642-9839 (auto)
Hotline : 082-322-0033, 081-497-0033

Company's Address

Yourconnect Co., Ltd.
731 PM Tower 10th Floor, Asoke-Dindaeng Rd., Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400 THAILAND
Tax ID : 0105546010681